Greatest Hero

Bad behavior.

I have done an absolutely horrible job of sticking around this page, keeping it updated and all the rest. I make promises and then I vanish for almost a year at a time, and I can sit here and say that all of that will change, but how is it going to be believable?

Well, I'm determined to set things right for 2017, so my actions are just going to have to be the proof. I THINK I have found a way to balance four jobs and the changes in my life with what is happening on this site and the others that I maintain. That doesn't mean that I will be as active on here as I want to be, but I hope it means I will manage SOME form of activity close to what I had hoped for this page.

I'm not going to make up review posts for a year's worth of reviews, but I will be updating my reading challenge pages because this is how I keep track of what I have read and what I have yet to do. Occasionally I will post thoughts on authors or books if I am able to, and otherwise I'll just do my best.

Don't know that it matters much, because I certainly don't have a following at all, but for my own enjoyment this is good enough.

See you on the other side of the year... or sooner, if I manage it.
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